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Little boy WINS the internet after getting into mum’s electric razor

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 17th, 2019

We’ve all got those pictures and videos of our kids getting up to mischief when they were really little. For most of us, it probably looks like an art sesh gone awry with paint on the wall/couch/carpet, or an inquisitive dig through mum’s make up bag that ended in the cosmetics version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

All that clean-up in the aftermath of curious little hands causing havoc in your home is annoying, but spare a thought for US mum Stephie Leigh, who was getting ready for her nursing night shift when one of her kids went totally rogue. You see, Stephie’s eldest son, Teddy, found the electric razor and decided he and his tiny siblings, Eloise and baby Fred, needed a bit of the ol’ freshen up in the hair department.  And by ‘freshen up’, I mean he went full military-style.

I’m not actually sure if it’s better or worse that Teddy couldn’t fully complete the job. Take a look at this GOLD…

I mean, the composure with which Stephie handled this situation deserves a round of applause, a stiff drink and a few weekend sleep-ins at the very least.

After Teddy realised his future career as a hairdresser was probs not gonna turn out, he handed it over to the grown-ups to finish what he’d started, which was basically a full buzz cut for he and Eloise. Still bloody cute I reckon…

Cute heads
Image: Instagram @stephie_leigh_

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