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The THREE essential items you need after giving birth

Stacey by Stacey
August 1st, 2018

This post is sponsored by Medela but is 100% my thoughts and feelings. Stace x

When I was a baby my mum would lay me on my tummy in a cot surrounded by a million toys and choking hazards, she would scrape the crapola off my nappies…then wash and refold them and she also put apple juice in my bottle. This was the norm when you had kids in the 1980’s and surprise surprise we survived…just.

Stacey’s little boy Mack

Now, it’s information overload when it comes to what we need for our babies and it can be STRESSSSSFUL. It was for me anyway, I got sucked into everything with my firstborn; his room resembled a baby store and I had every nipple cream, supplement and organic ointment you could get your mitts on. Fast forward to my third offspring and I can confidently say there are very few things my babe and I actually need.

As I slowly creep out of the thickness of baby land again, I’ve realized the three main things that are actually essential…the rest can pretty much be put straight in the cupboard.

Maternity jeans/pants- It’s a cruel and totally unnecessary pressure some of us put on ourselves to squeeze back into pre-baby jeans. It’s a big old bite of depresso when you give your old clothes a road test and realize it ain’t your reality. Invest in maternity jeans and pants and wear them as long as you can. My third baby was born over a year ago and I refuse to part ways with my mat jeans. It’s all about comfort! Clothes that actually fit you will make you a way happier ma!

Medela Breast Pump – Since mini humans are so darn demanding it’s important to find ways to steal some time for rest, connection with other humans and more importantly to give those tattas a rest if you’re breastfeeding. For every one of my kids, I used the Medela Swing breast pump…it’s the best on the market and is super duper easy to use. It saved me from losing my marbles SO many times.  I would express whenever my tattas were getting a beating, or when hubby and I decided to try and hold an adult conversation on a dinner date. Buying a breast pump is without a doubt a massive MUST…and we swear by Medela.

Breast Pads – As sexy as you feel with breast milk seeping through your top, it’s best to stock up on breast pads and always have some spares in your nappy bag! When you feel that surprise ‘let down’ happen and a baby isn’t there to catch the liquid gold, it’s nice piece of mind to know the breast pad will do the trick.  You can get material ones that you can wash as well, which ends up a bit cheaper in the long run. Just the thought of my baby would make my boobs turn into taps, so these were essential for me.

There might be a few other things that make the newborn bubble a little easier, like a person on tap to rub your back and Netflix on 24/7, but don’t get sucked into all the unnecessary bells and whistles like I did. I still have packages of products in my cupboard and that will no doubt stay there until I can be bothered to pop them on eBay.

Medela has the most awarded range of breast pumps in Australia! The reason mums vote for Medela is due to their research-backed technology that uses 2 phase technology which mimics the babies’ natural sucking rhythms allowing mum to express more milk in less time. Medela has a range of breast pumps; from the manual Harmony breast pump ideal for occasional use, the Medela Swing which is a single electric breast pump for occasional pumping or the double electric Swing Maxi or the premium Freestyle model for frequently or exclusively expressing. The Medela Symphony pump also uses Symphony PLUS technology to stimulate the milk supply for mothers who are otherwise unable to feed their baby from the breast.

AND PS…just a little prep for those leaky boob moments that are ohhhhh so charming. Medela is shortlisted for an award for their 60 pack disposable breast pads. And they also have washable breast pads too.