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Through love and loss…. Happy Mother’s Day

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 13th, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day Show+Tellers! We know motherhood comes in so many different forms and today, we honour ALL of you. We hope that you all have a beautiful day surrounded by the ones you love the best…

To all the new Mums: You’ve got this. The early days are TOUGH, but please know you are supported by a gaggle of mums who have been there and get your pain, your fatigue and the incredible sense of overwhelm you are feeling. Every day will get better. We promise. There is a glorious light at the end of that sleep-deprived tunnel.

To all the women who have lost their Mums: We are sending you so much love. Today is tougher than most days, but take comfort in the fact that your mum created an extraordinary person and that person is YOU. She is still here, watching and loving you from the sidelines, and we have no doubt that she is proud of the incredible person you are. Our love and thoughts are with you today.

To all the women who are struggling to become Mums: Be gentle with yourself. For so many of us, the road to motherhood is long and winding and tough, but know that your are loved and supported by a network of women who are rooting for you. You are remarkable.

To all the Mums who have lost children: Our hearts are with you today. We know that today will be tough, but please take comfort in the knowledge that your babies grew within you and felt your love from the inside out – and no one can ever take that away from you.

To the Single Mums: We are in awe of you. You are nailing life for yourself and your kids and we only hope that you are aware of the absolute warriors that you are. You are giving your kids something extra special; the perfect role model of a strong, capable woman. 

To our Mums: We love you. We love you so much more than words can possibly say. Thank you for loving us from the womb, through those temperamental teenage years and out the other side. Thank you for helping us raise our own children and most of all, thank you for being our truest – and first – example of unconditional love.

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