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Mum and daughter wearing matching outfits – yay or nay?

Brooke by Brooke
September 7th, 2016

Kimmy K took her super cute three year-old side-kickNorth West to see her dad’s show in New York yesterday…in matching outfits! While the naysayers may say they look ridic and totally OTT, I happen to think it’s bloody adorable!


Kim isn’t  the only celeb to dress her mini-me in the same get-up.  Last month Beyonce posted photos of her and her little tot, Blue Ivy, on holiday in Italy wearing Gucci (of course), and social media went into meltdown over the cuteness factor (or was it just me?).


I think you either love a matching mum and bub ensemble or hate it. Would I do it? Well…I wouldn’t rule it out. Here’s the thing. Last week I was at Seed (one of my faves) and brought a denim dress and while I was at the counter the shop assistant told me it also came in kid’s sizes and tried to convince me to get one for my 18 month-old daughter. My first thought was no way, that is so cheeseball…but then I started to think, well, we don’t have to wear them at the same time…

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The dress in question…

I mentioned this to Monty and she told me there is NO WAY this is acceptable and I am never to even contemplate buying Edie and I matching outfits. Eeek. Okay, I had been told. Of course I responded by saying I wasn’t really entertaining the idea…but secretly, I kinda was.

I mean, wouldn’t it be cute for her and I to have the same dress…even if we only wore it around the house together?! It’s not like we’d accidentally wear it out together or anything…

What do you think – matching outfits, yay or nay?