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This mum is teaching her child he doesn’t have to share his toys

Brooke by Brooke
April 24th, 2017

I have a two year old and she’d rather poke her eyes out than share any of her toys. I am trying my darndest to get her into the art of sharing, but man it’s tough! One day she gets it and the next she’s decking a boy twice her size at the park for even looking at her Dora figurine.

She isn’t any better at home either, in fact, sometimes it’s worse. She doesn’t understand why other kids come into her house and want to play with her toys, she’s not up for any of it. I can kind of understand why it must be a little confusing for her, I mean, it would be odd if my friends came over and went into my bedroom and helped themselves to my things. kids-sharing

Mum Alanya Kolberg says she doesn’t think kids should be made to share – in fact, she’s had enough of the constant pressure and tells her son that it’s okay NOT to share his things.  She recently wrote a post on Facebook that has quickly gone viral.

After taking her son Carson to the park with three toys and having six other boys approach him and want to play with his toys, she said to him;“You can tell them no, Carson. Just say no. You don’t have to say anything else.”

She went on to say;

“If I, an adult, walked into the park eating a sandwich, am I required to share my sandwich with strangers in the park? No! Would any well-mannered adult, a stranger, reach out to help themselves to my sandwich, and get huffy if I pulled it away? No again,” she wrote.

“So really, while you’re giving me dirty looks, presumably thinking my son and I are rude, whose manners are lacking here? The person reluctant to give his 3 toys away to 6 strangers, or the 6 strangers demanding to be given something that doesn’t belong to them, even when the owner is obviously uncomfortable?”

Wowsas. It’s no surprise parents have been very outspoken about Alanya’s post. It’s lucky a brawl didn’t break out between the parents as well as the kids at the park.

But of course, Alanya has every right to teach her son whatever she chooses.  And she has a point, if the same thing happened to us as adults it would be pretty strange. But on the other hand…isn’t sharing caring?

Do you think kids should always be encouraged to share?