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This baby making her own way out of her mum’s tummy is full-on fabulous

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 2nd, 2019

Warning: This video is slightly graphic but bloody awesome.

Every minute of every day, women are birthing babies the world over. It doesn’t matter whether those babies are born after 38 hours of heaving and pushing through a very tired vag or via the amazing intricacy of a C-section… it’s never NOT fascinating watching a little human come out of its mother.

However, every now and then we get a bird’s eye view of a super interesting birth that is a little left of the norm. From en caul births (where the baby is born inside the amniotic sac) to babies born in cars on the way to the hospital, we LIVE for those moments here at S+T.

charlotte and baby lyla

The latest wowza birth comes courtesy of new UK-based mumma, Charlotte Knowles, who gave birth to her daughter, Lyla, via a natural C-section. If you haven’t heard of natural C-sections before, it occurs when a doctor makes an incision in the mum’s tummy, helps guide the head out and then allows the baby to instinctively wriggle their own way out into the world. It’s amazing.

Charlotte said she was left traumatised following the emergency C-section birth of her first daughter, so wanted Lyla’s birth to be as stress-free as possible.

“I wanted this birth to be a beautiful and calm experience for me and our baby, despite being on the operating table,” Charlotte told The Sun.

“The whole birthing experience was so calm and peaceful. I felt relaxed and free of stress.”

A natural C-section is thought to be a calmer experience for the baby in comparison to the standard, quick delivery of a traditional Caesarian. And there’s no doubt Lyla’s birth was a chill one judging by the little snooze she decides to take when she gets a little pooped towards the end.  Check it out…

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