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THIS is what you can do to help a new mum

Stacey by Stacey
August 9th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Little One’s

We are a tad excited to be partnering with Little One’s because we are well and truly in the glorious trenches of mini kid land.

We have a bucket load of kids between us here at Show+Tell so hopefully we can bring you some parenting tips and tricks to make the days run a little smoother.

I’m currently in the thick of newborn land, and finding myself here for the third time you’d think little would surprise me, right? Wrong. The burning eyeballs from exhaustion and the amount of mini human poo surrounding me still shocks me. Although there are glimmers of pure bliss, this is once again hardcore.

There is little you can do to ease the load for a mum with a little bub. As a mate watching on, you can sometimes feel a little helpless. You can’t pop the little one on your teat or attend to the 3am wake ups and seeing your friend an exhausted, milky, emotional mess can be tough.

So here are some awesome things you can do for a new mum that will give her more joy than you ever thought possible, and may just make things a tad easier:

Stacey and Mack at 3 months old.

Stacey and Mack at 3 months old.

1. Drop off a dinner or two. Thinking of making dinner when you’re beyond tired and have kids hanging off you is the pits. Fill up that freezer.

2. Pay for a cleaner – get other good mates together to pitch in and get a person to come clean her place weekly for a few months. She will talk about this ’til the day she dies. Best gift ever.

3. Take the other kids out for a play for a few hours. It’s near impossible for mums with other children to get some alone time with their newborn and they crave this like you won’t believe.

4. Visit them and send them to bed or to the shower, or fold their laundry. Don’t ask, just do.

5. Drop off a box of nappies and wipes because chances are they had no idea how quickly they would plow through a pack and they’re ALWAYS appreciated. We always choose to give (and use) the gorgeous ‘Little One’s’ nappies that are exclusive to Woolworths. They are so cute and they have great leakage protection and absorbency. They are $11 in all bulk sizes, which is SO cheap. And they have really cute patterns on them, which let’s be honest, is a priority.

6. Give her chocolate and bucket loads of it – no need for me to explain this. Just do it.

7. At the 8 week mark when everyone has forgotten about them and just assume they’re kicking goals, they aren’t. They have hit a slump of too many weeks without sleep and really need a pick me up. Drop off more chocolate and ask them if they want a little walk with some fresh air or a gallon of wine.

And I’m sure we all have those friends and family that show up unannounced and expect to be waited on hand and foot – they sit and have a cuppa for HOURS! Just a little tip, don’t be that person. Don’t EVER show up unannounced and get your own bloody drink – oh and don’t stay longer than half an hour. If you do any of these consider your relationship tarnished forever and ever.