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We would get arrested for parenting this way today…

Stacey by Stacey
April 22nd, 2015

As a mum of three little boys I am a big ass worry wart. I over analyse, stress and fret about EVERYTHING when it comes to my mini men.

I often feel envious of how relaxed, guilt-free and fearless my parents where when I was tot.

The below pics pretty much sum up my childhood and no doubt yours too. I have a rash just looking at them.

No life jackets…I’ll hold you as tight as I can.


Pfft…car seat…let’s just stick you in the front in a make-shift seat.


Come on…let’s go for a drive. You can sit on my lap…I can’t be bothered buckling you in and plus, I may as well teach you how to drive young so I don’t have to drive you everywhere.


Severe sunburn cream…ummmm…there was so such thing as spf back then. A tan on a kid was a sign that you were living it up!


Who needs a helmet? Not us…we only stacked a few times. Or was it that we were out on our bikes EVERY single day that we were just better at it?


Bottles full of juice, just before bedtime…don’t worry those baby teeth fall out anyway.


Everyone in…we are going for a ride as fast as this thing will go.


This was your regular park…dangerous as hell…and bloody brilliant. Ohhh and our parents didn’t come with us.


How familiar is this? Tie whatever you can find on the back and drag your younger siblings with you. And while this was happening, our parents were at work, this was called babysitting.


We slept on our stomachs…and there was all sorts of suffocation type things in the cot!


Drink as much soft drink as you can…brushing your teeth optional.


Smoking a cigi while holding the babe was just normal…


What did your parents do that you would never do today? 

Pics sourced from personal albums and

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