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Are you friends with your kids?

Stacey by Stacey
May 26th, 2016

My 5-year-old likes his iPad, A LOT! I know he’s thinking about it pretty much every minute of the day. The struggle is real when I constantly have to tell him he can’t have it and he wants to punch me. Oh yeah, and my 2-year-old likes what he likes, whenever he likes it. And when he doesn’t get it he basically scratches my eyeballs out. That isn’t even an over exaggeration.

Between these two stinky boys (and their neediness), my house can sometimes be a war zone. I’m okay with that. I’m used to discipline. As a kid my house was reeking of it. There were VERY clear boundaries. I knew my parents were my parents. Not my friends. I knew they loved me and tried to give me everything I needed, and wanted. But I also knew there were some things that pushed them too far. And when it got to that point, it wasn’t very pretty.

Some of the best parenting advice I was ever given was to be your kids parent, not their friend. Of course, you have a bloody good time with them but they ain’t your best friend. They’re your child. And boundaries can be a real positive for them. I’ve stuck with this, no matter how hard it is sometimes. And I kinda think, if I knuckle down now, we can be friends later. When they’re old and can fix their own mistakes and they aren’t my responsibility any more (I’m dreaming I know).

When I saw vlogger Kristina Kuzmic’s latest video I felt like my entire parenting philosophy was validated. Well, kinda…the wine and ice cream cemented it for me.

Kristina has three kids, in this video they’re all mad at her at the same time and she doesn’t give a shit. This is brilliant.

Would you say you are friends with your kids? What is it like at your place?