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If you have young kids they will LOVE this!

Monty by Monty
September 27th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Paw Patrol but is all my own words.

My kids are iPad junkies.

Pre-children I always said I would never plonk my offspring in front of any form of screen… and then I had them and all of a sudden I’m a big plonker.

Here is a hot tip for you when it comes to screen time, if you allow your kids a little iPad time, it’s all about YouTube kids! It’s an app just for kids and they can’t get into anything hairy so you can plonk stress free. When my kids are on YouTube it takes them 0.2 seconds to find the Paw Patrol videos. They are obsessed. Even as I type that I can hear the theme music in my head “Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol, we’ll be there on the double.”

Here’s the thing though, they don’t just hunt for episodes of the show. They look for videos of kids unwrapping Paw Patrol toys. My mind boggles over this because surely watching an actual episode of the show would bring a little more joy, but when they’re on the iPad it is ALL about watching kids rip into toys that they don’t have and pining over them.

Since they love watching these videos so much and they’re also Paw Patrol groupies, I decided I would blow their little minds and let them rip into the latest Paw Patrol toys. They were like salivating little pups themselves, and why wouldn’t they be, it ‘aint even Christmas and they got a whole stash of the latest Paw Patrol goodies – we’re talking about the Electronic Mission Pup Pad, the Mission Cruiser and the life-size Lookout Tower – pretty much making them the coolest kids on the block.

Check out their joyous reactions below.