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Everyone has an opinion on Pink’s Insta pic

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 13th, 2017
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Look, I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I like the C-word. I know, I know, as a woman I should probably be dead-set against it, I should find it disgusting and demeaning….but I just don’t. I don’t say it often but when I do, it’s in one of two contexts – anger or humour. Name-calling in anger isn’t ideal, I know that, but when said in jest I think it’s a pisser. I also thought that firing breastmilk from my boobs at my unsuspecting husband AK-47 style was funny too, so that might give you an indication of my maturity level. That was totally hilarious though.

Anyway, back to the explicit language bit. Singer, mum and all-round excellent human, Pink – the same lady who was being applauded the world over just a couple of weeks ago for her incredible VMA speech, has come under fire for her posting of the C-bomb on a recent Instagram post. Actually, some people are disgusted in Pink because the word was used in reference to (not AT) babies in a text exchange with a friend. Here’s the screengrab…

The offending message...

The offending message…

I don’t know about you, but I just think this is funny. Really funny. No one really thinks babies are c**ts – and that’s where the humour lies; it’s such a grown-up thing to say about a baby. It’s not said in anger or in rage, or directed at a baby or small child, it’s a text message between two adult women who are probably up to their eyeballs in shitty nappies and crying babies and need a bit of a vent. If you ask me, humour is the BEST way to get through the tough times, so if you’ve got a friend who tickles your funnybone, get on the phone to her stat I say.

Many of Pink’s followers saw the humour in her post. They tagged in friends and commented about how much the text exchange mirrored their own conversations, joked about how funny and relatable it was and posted countless crying-with-laughter emojis. But the outrage brigade were also out in force, calling the post “awful” and marvelling at how someone “can say something stupid about a baby.”

Now I don’t know about you, but if I looked back on my text messages, convos with friends or hushed laughter on the couch with my husband after a hard day, I think you’d probably find plenty of references to my kids as arseholes, shitheads and yes – sometimes little c**ts. I’d never say it TO them, but anyone who knows me knows that I love those little fuckers more than life itself. They know it, I know it, and that’s all that matters.

The fact is, Pink isn’t going to censor herself for anyone – and that’s the very reason we love to love her. And why should she? That’s the beauty of social media…you don’t HAVE to follow anyone. You can click ‘unfollow’ and be on your merry way. I’m sure Pink wouldn’t mind.

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