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I am a mum who is not interested in playing

Monty by Monty
April 11th, 2016

I am one of ‘those’ mums you see at the park on their mobile phones. There is only so much swinging my arms can do, only so many times I can say  ‘gooood job’ after the big slide has been slid down and only so many bark ice creams I can buy from the pretend milk bar. I lose interest at the park almost immediately.

If my son asks to go to the park I throw a million other activities at him to try and sway his mind, but it never works. Kids love parks. I hate parks.

I admire the mums that thrive at the park. The one who plays tiggy and kicks the soccer ball around. I admire her cause she is the woman I shove my kids in the direction of to go and join in with. That kind of mum takes the heat off the mums like me, the non-player mums. That kind of mum has a ‘more the merrier’ attitude, my attitude is more like one kid at a time, which proves challenging since I have two of my own.

My lack of play interest goes further than the park if I’m being completely honest. My son is obsessed with building cubbies in our house. He makes these tiny little cramped huts that I try to squeeze into and pretend I’m having a ball in, when really I’m feeling claustrophobic and over-heating. The play always ends in tears too, because no matter how many hours (or in my case minutes) I put into playing, kids are NEVER satisfied. They sure do forget quickly that you grew them inside of you, gave birth to them, and are  keeping them alive. My job here is surely done. Lego was not on my job description kid, sorry bout that.

Are you a player or not so much?

Eddie Perfect and I chatted about our mutual bond of park loathing below;

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