boy and girl 2
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Hey girls, I’m raising my boys for you

Shannon Kelly by Shannon Kelly
November 9th, 2017
boy and girl 2

I’m raising my little boys with girls in mind. I don’t mean I’m raising them as a gift or sacrificial offering, I mean I’m raising them to respect women (and themselves). I’m raising them to respect boundaries and ditch entitlement. And lots of other parents are with me.

The recent revelations of rampant, ingrained sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood are a grim reminder that sexism is alive and well. F**k it, because it’s here in the real world too. We are paid less. We are underrepresented in leadership roles. We are the victims of violence in our homes and on the streets. We were programmed to believe we are less than, but we have grown defiant.

I’m raising my boys to respect women (and themselves). I’m raising them to respect boundaries and ditch entitlement.

Recently on my blog I wrote some tongue in cheek tips on how men should treat women and a handful of flogs jumped on board with anti-feminist bullshit. One mansplained that women should “dress decently and be mindful of where your arse and tits are pointing” and asked, ” Do you dangle lollies in front of kids and scream, ‘you fat little diabetes shits‘ when they go to grab one?” So, what are these lads saying? That men can’t be held accountable for their poor choices or lack of restraint and respect? DICKHEAD ALERT! Those assumptions damage both sexes. It’s not just women who think this sort of shit is nonsense – there are plenty of good men stepping up too because they know they’re not entitled to anything more than women.



Women want equality. We need it. Society needs it. It’s not here yet, but we’re coming for it. My dad says grit is “pushing on hard when it hurts a bit,” and we women are some gritty legends. We’re pushing on hard. We’re calling out bad behaviour. We’re playing footy. We’re bosses. We’re supporting each other. We’re chasing better pay. We’re entrepreneurs. We’re fighting sexism. We’re not settling. We’re saying enough. And we’re raising bloody good kids.

Here’s what’s happening with my boys:

Right now, they play with trucks, and they play with dolls.

They kick the footy, and they take dance lessons.

They run in the mud, and they bake cakes.

They wrestle, and they cuddle.

They play doctors, and they play nurses.

They’re allowed to be brave, they’re allowed to be vulnerable.

They’re free to be who they are, as long as they’re not unkind.

When they’re fully grown, they won’t dismiss you, they’ll listen.

They probably won’t open a door for you, because they know you can do it yourself.

They’ll probably split the bill with you, because they’ll know you’re financial equals.

They won’t pressure you when you say no, they’ll know you mean no.

They’ll be kind, because they’ll know its value.

They’ll look you in the eye, because they’ll know your worth.

They’ll believe you can, because you totally f**king can.

Oh, and they’ll expect you to treat them well, too – as equals.

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