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Reese’s gift for her daughter left us all in tears

Monty by Monty
January 7th, 2018

How adorable is Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava? She looks EXACTLY like her ma. She recently turned 18 years old.

When I was 18 I was just coming out of that awkward teenage stage. I rocked dark brown hair at the back with two bleached streaks at the front. I would pull my hair back and have the blonde hair hang down as a  fringe type thing. Foul. I was NOTHING like Reese’s daughter.

Turning 18 is so special and I remember the freedom I felt when I finally turned it. No more fake id’s needed and I could drive… alone…whenever I wanted. It was the best.

reeceEven though you can get your license around 16 in America but not drink until you are 21, 18 is still a birthday they celebrate and Reese gave her daughter the BEST 18th present. It wasn’t a new Range Rover with a  red bow on it and it wasn’t PDiddy performing at her birthday bash either. It was so simple but so thoughtful and sentimental and something that Ava will have forever. Reece gave her daughter 18 heartfelt beautiful letters that she had written on each one of Ava’s birthdays.

Isn’t that the best? Makes me want to do it for my boys, but the truth is I am too lazy. Reading over those letters must have been so incredible and emotional for Ava. So much would have happened and change over those years, but you would be able to see that the one consistent and never wavering thing would be her mum’s love. Ah, makes me emo.

My baby daddy writes letters to our boys every time he gets on a plane. He writes about the fun things they have done together, the funny things they have said and how much he loves them. He will give them to them when they are older. He wins!

Do you write letters to your kids?

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