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FIVE cracker activities to do these school holidays

Stacey by Stacey
December 14th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Disney•Pixar Coco but all the words and tips are mine. M x


The summer holidays are looming, can you hear that noise? It’s the collective sigh of parents all around the country. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH OUR KIDS!?!?!?!

My eldest son is six years old and has only been at school for a year, and even though I had him at home most days before he went to school, now, when I have him for more than two consecutive days I get the sweats. The kid needs constant entertainment and the Christmas holidays seem to go for 62 years.

So, if like me you are FREAKING OUT about how you are going to cope with the impending big break, I have some ideas that will kill at least a few hours for you.

1. MOVIES – Take the kids to the flicks and while they’re entertained (silently as well, BLISS) you can have a rest. A must see flick for this pending school holidays is the new Disney•Pixar Coco movie. This film is SO gorgeous in so many ways. It’s an animated adventure that even big humans will love. The main character is a 12-year-old boy called Miguel who sets off a chain of events that relate to a very old mystery, which then leads to a super special family reunion. Disney•Pixar Coco comes to cinemas this Boxing Day, I’m so excited for my kids to wrap their eyes around this beautiful film.

And PS…if you’re a Sydney sider and want to help us celebrate the opening of Disney•Pixar Coco come and hang with us at the Coco Family Festival at Martin Place in Sydney on Tuesday 19th December from 10.30am-4pm. The whole day is free and there will be lots of different stalls set up with cool activities like, creating your own photo frame, painting marigold flowers, making friendship bracelets and plenty more arts and craft activities for the kids (and you) to sink your creative teeth into. For more info head here.

2. CAMPING – Let’s not go crazy here, no need to go out bush and set up camp because your backyard is perfect. There is something about a tent set up in the backyard that gets kids SO excited. I know, because I was one of these kids back in the day. Some of my favorite memories are camping with Dad in the back yard. On a nice night, after a BBQ we would get our torches and climb into our sleeping bags, read books and tell stories. It’s cheap and will fill up your kids memory cup.

3. PARK HOP – If your kids are anything like mine they have an attention span of a flea which means you gotta keep the activities coming thick and fast, so park hopping is a goody and one we do most weekends. Turn to your best mate, Google…and look for parks in your surrounding area (or any area) and plan out a fun few hours or even a day of park hopping. I thought I had done all the parks in my local area but I was SO wrong, seriously, each area has about 645 parks so there will be some that you have never been to for sure. You can even have a different game planned for each park like cricket at one, a treasure hunt at another, a picnic at the next and so on. I’m so far from being a park person but if you do 45 mins maximum at one park then hop onto the next it may just keep you sane and the kids will love the adventure side of it.

4. BAND TIME – Remember when we were kids we would put on shows for our parents and their friends ALL.THE.TIME? Now it’s our turn to be the audience. Invite YOUR friends over that have children and disguise it as band practice then set up one of you rooms with cheap instruments and costumes to encourage the kids to practice a routine to share with the captive audience. The best bit about this is, that you get to catch up with your mates while the kids are focused on something else. Don’t for get to film it and show this to their mates when they hit the embarrassing teen stage.

5. VISIT YOUR OLD HOODS – When we were kids we used to go on weekends away to a country town about an hour from where we live. It’s where my grandparents met and there is so much of our family history there. If there is somewhere like this for you, it could even be houses you lived in as a child or school you went to…pop the kids in the car and show them your history. BUT, to keep them as interested as you are, organize a little something cool for them at each stop from your childhood, maybe some food you used to always eat or a bag of marbles (are we that old?). It will be a fun way for you to revisit your past and a really cool way to share it with your kids.


I hope this helps you survive the hols or at least helped to spark some other ideas.

Wishing you a world of luck.

If you want to catch the flick we chat about above – Disney•Pixar’s Coco…check out the trailer below – we are also hosting a free event to celebrate the launch in Sydney so if you want to come join us, head here for more info.