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This is how to entertain your kids these school holidays and keep yourself sane!

Stacey by Stacey
March 10th, 2020

This piece is brought to you by Adrenaline but is 100% my thoughts and life. Stace x

When I sniff the school holidays approaching I equally love the thought of leaving the rush behind (and the lunchboxes) but also feel the need to run for the hills as fast as I can. Entertaining three boys for two or more weeks is HARD! Like, real hard!

Boys are like puppies, they need to be constantly ran and fed, and if you stay inside for longer than 10 minutes the wrestling turns into full-blown punch ons and high pitched screaming (have kids they said, cute!). There are only so many backyard cricket games, water balloon matches and scoots to the park that one human can handle before going insane!

These upcoming holidays I refuse to suffer through, so we have started researching activities and have begun planning our calendar! Got to jam pack that thing! Finding new and fun things for the kids to do can be a real task if you don’t know where to look so let me give you the best tip of all time.

It’s called ADRENALINE, and it will really save your soul these school holidays and every school holidays from now on.

You can simply visit the site, choose the age group you’re interested in and browse the options or you can choose the specific activity you like and see where and when you can do them. It takes the thinking out of your holidays and is SUPER exciting for the kids to be a part of.

On our list these school holidays are indoor skydiving, flying fox & tree adventures, and of course, theme parks. My kids are frothing to swim with dolphins so I’ve promised them at some point in 2020 it will happen.

Check it out pronto, it’s a game-changer in occupying your kiddies, and hey…you might just survive the school holidays without losing your marbles. Win, win I say.

Adrenaline has activities across Australia that are suitable for kids of all ages. You can check out all the details here.