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If your kids are Ninja Warrior fans they’ll LOVE doing this these school holidays

Stacey by Stacey
September 24th, 2018

This post is sponsored by Sky Zone but is 100% my story.

Even though Ninja Warrior hasn’t been on the TV for months now, my boys are still consumed by it. They watch it on repeat and insist on turning my house upside down by making indoor courses using ropes, cardboard boxes, Lego, empty chip packets, shampoo bottles and whatever else they can get their mitts on. Initially, I loved their creativity, but when my cushions started to get trashed, it’s safe to say I got over it pretty bloody quick.

An image of the awesome Enduro course

They get so damn competitive too and without fail someone cheats, then someone cries, then someone wants their Lego back and then mummy comes in yelling like a banshee and rips the course apart.

I am thankful to Ninja Warrior for enthusing my kids enough to get them off the iPads, but I have been desperate to find a place they could get rid of energy and scratch their Ninja course itch AWAY from my joint.

Insert….SKY ZONE!!!! This is where I will be spending the whole school holidays because they have answered my prayers to the Ninja gods. Sky Zone Alexandria, NSW has a new Enduro Warrior Course to fulfill all those Ninja needs your kids are craving and save your beautiful cushions that make your couch look so much better. There are balance beams, monkey bars, zip lines, and trapeze activities and for this, I say THANK YOU!!! Sky Zone is also the ultimate entertainment venue – your kids can jump, climb and swing til their little hearts are content AND there’s a café with hot food, kids meals, and COFFEE!

For a two-hour jump session and Enduro Warrior Course it costs 28 bucks during these school holidays and when you book online you can go in the draw to win a $2000 Flight Centre voucher for a family holiday. That ain’t nothing to bork at.

Sky Zone is located in Alexandria and Miranda. Click here to sign up and tire those kidlets out these holidays. I wish you a world of luck as we head into two VERY hardcore weeks.

Check out more pics of how ace the Enduro Warrior Course is below…