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The school holidays activity that ticks EVERY box

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 9th, 2018

This post is sponsored by Sky Zone but is 100% my thoughts and feelings. Mel x


The school holidays are around the corner and I can smell the fear and desperation in my fellow parents from a mile away. The problem with having the kids at home for those two weeks is the PRESSURE of it all. They want to do ALL the things, ALL the time. Add in the fact that the weather in the winter holidays SUCKS and you’ve got potential for disaster.

The thing is, you’ve gotta play it smart to survive the holidays and if you don’t have at least a rough plan of activities in place, things can go belly-up quick smart. There’s only so many ‘pyjama days’ and ‘movie days’ you can get away with before your cute little rugrats turn into a gang of demanding, dishevelled and disgruntled little thugs who will stop at nothing short of blood to get a bit of school holiday action.

The trick is to have at least one standout activity up your sleeve; one that a) will make them happy right down in their little souls and b) they can brag to their mates about when school starts up again. To be successful on all fronts, I reckon it’s gotta tick three boxes – fun, physical and safe. Hit those three and you are WINNING.

This is why Sky Zone is every parent and kids’ school holiday dreams come true. Imagine this: You book a session for your kids and your bestie’s kids ONLINE via the easy peasy booking system (no need to even bother with a phone call). Once you arrive, the kids scatter off to live out their school holiday dreams by jumping on the wall-to-wall trampolines or tackling one of the massive climbing walls. You, on the other hand, are relaxing in the awesome cafe having a long overdue catch up with your mate. There’s zero interference from the kids, there’s delish food (hello, cake) and for the first time in forever, you’re drinking a coffee – while it’s still hot.

The AWESOME cafe

If you’re like me and swing on the helicopter side of parenting, fear not – this joint is safer than your local park. Trained sky guards and hosts are supervising the kids at all times, so you can rest easy knowing they’ve got it all under control. And the best bit? They’ll return to you like a bunch of sweaty monkeys who have not only had the best day of their lives but have spent it moving their bodies without even a fleeting thought about their iPads. AND they will be so knackered that they’ll be in begging to go to bed by 7 pm.  School holiday perfection. You. Are. Welcome!

* Two-hour jump sessions are just $25 including laser tag at Macgregor all school holidays. 

* Two-hour jump sessions are just $28 at Sky Zone all school holidays at Alexandria and Miranda all school holidays.

* Five-day school holiday program

* Fresh new menu at the Altitude Cafe for parents to sit back and enjoy (menu online here