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A sleep expert shares her top FIVE tips

Monty by Monty
December 8th, 2016

When my kids were babies they were pretty good sleepers. By five months old both of my boys were sleeping through the night. I trained them like little seals to make this happen because sleep is EVERYTHING!

Then they grew and the bigger they got the crappier they became at sleeping. There’s something that happens around the age of two with both my kids. When my boys blew out those two tiny candles they had massive sleep regressions. They went from being awesome sleepers to bloody rubbish at night time. They started to wake 3-4 times a night. It was brutal. BRUTAL. My eldest is now five, and about six months ago we had to get a sleep expert to come over because we were all walking around like zombies. Between him waking up several times a night, and my 2.5 year old tag teaming him, we were literally enduring torture every night.

So if you have crapola sleepers allow me to embark some of the wisdom my sleep expert imparted. She was sent from heaven.

1. In summer get rid of the doona. Kids are little heat beads and do not need a doona in summer. I would go down to my little man during the night and he would be sweating like a little piglet. He would actually end up having really bad dreams from over-heating as well (this is a thing). So now the weather is warming up we have popped his doona in the cupboard and brought out a sheet and really light-weight blanket.

2.Tuck your kids in really tight. Having them tucked in really tight makes them feel more secure. My son can barely move we have him so tightly tucked in.

3. Have the room nice and dark. This is a biggy for us. The street lights and the morning sun would blare  through my kid’s bedrooms which would annoy and wake them up. Nice dark rooms are bliss. Check out where your local Luxaflex dealer is and see more of their range here.

pic 2

pic 2.

4. NO TV/screens two hours before your kids go to bed. I seriously thought I would die with this but was determined to try all of the advice given to me because… exhausted. I’m all for TV, don’t get me wrong, I lean on it loads, but we have been pretty strict with this rule. My little boys behavior has even improved a little bit because he isn’t so revved up before he goes to bed. He plays with his toys and draws instead of watching the TV. Sometimes we cave, but most of the time we really stick to this cause it’s actually working and not as painful as originally thought.


5. Set a night-time routine. Whatever it is, stick with it so your kids get used to it. Eg: Play, dinner, bath, book then bed. Whatever works for you stick to it so bedtime isn’t a surprise.

Hope that helps, may the sleep gods be with you.

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