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Want to give the BEST gift this Christmas?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 12th, 2017

I’ve been complaining a lot lately. Christmas, as it does every year, amplifies my anxiety and turns my regular complain-y self into a whinging, sooking mess. Toddler style. I love Christmas day and the excitement it brings for my kids, but I HATE Christmas shopping. I hate the crowds. I hate the shops. I even hate THINKING about what I have to buy everyone. It’s like hell for me.

But just the other day, I felt the need to slap my own face with a harsh truth. The complaining has to stop – because I, probably like you, am lucky. I’m lucky just for having the ‘burden’ of having to shop for Christmas, to select toys for my kids, for having family to eat and drink with and above all, for having a safe and loving home in which to raise my children. Just thinking about that makes me feel embarrassed about the admission of my aforementioned pissing and moaning.

As my kids grow older, giving back is something I’ve been trying really hard to instil in them. They are privileged in a way so many other kids aren’t, and it’s really important to me that they’re aware of it, so every year we do little things together like the Kmart Wishing Tree, drop some cash into the Salvos and do a big toy room clean-out for donation.

I’m lucky just for having the ‘burden’ of having to shop for Christmas, to select toys for my kids and for having family to eat and drink with.

There are so many charities around these days that it’s really hard to choose which to give to because, unless you’re cashed-up like a Kardashian, it’s just not possible to give to every single one. But there are some crackers out there doing bloody excellent work and St Kilda Mums, a community-based support service assisting mums and their kids through difficult times, is one of the best. And this Christmas, they need our help for their Sleep Safe, Dream Big drive for one of the most basic rights for babies everywhere; a comfortable place to sleep.

The angels at St Kilda mums

The angels at St Kilda mums

CEO of St Kilda Mums, Jessica Macpherson, puts it all in perspective.

“Excited children here in Melbourne are busy dreaming about what Santa might bring them this Christmas.

But we have to think about the babies that don’t even have the basics.

The children who need clothes and shoes. The babies who need nappies. Families that need a car seat to take their new baby home from hospital. They need a pram to get outdoors. And most importantly, babies need a safe cot to sleep in.”

It’s the stuff that’s a little too unbearable to think about, but it’s so important that we do because at the very least, EVERY child deserves a safe place to sleep. This Christmas, St Kilda Mums are asking you to make this a reality.

Just $140 donated to the charity’s website will buy a cot and mattress for a baby to get the comfortable and safe sleep they deserve. Because St Kilda Mums work so closely with nursery furniture suppliers, your donation can go so much further through them, giving you way more bang for your buck. Jessica estimates that a $200 donation through St Kilda Mums “translates to $2000 worth of safe nursery gear for babies and families in need,” which is life-changing to say the least.

While St Kilda Mums is always bang-up for accepting pre-loved items such as prams, kid’s clothing, high chairs and all other baby-related offerings, cots are always the highest item in demand with around 70 families on the waiting list per month.

If you have the ability to give to St Kilda Mums this Christmas, please consider it. $140 is giving up something as simple as dinner out for many of us, so let’s all band together and help out a sister this year. Santa’s watching.

To find out more about the incredible work St Kilda Mums is doing, and to learn more about their Sleep Safe, Dream Big campaign click here.