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Struggling to think of a costume for Book Week?

Natalie Annetta by Natalie Annetta
August 20th, 2017
book week

Book Week. The concept is great - celebrating the reading of books, shining a light on the importance of literacy and comprehension…blah blah yawn. But every year, when this special little week pops up (out of FREAKING NOWHERE), parents and teachers nation wide freeze with panic at the mention of three little words….Book. Week. Parade. Their eyes start to dart as they mentally tear through the dress up box for a costume quick fix, an option, something…ANYTHING!

If you’re a parent lucky enough to have found the crumpled up event reminder at the bottom of your kid’s bag, congratulations! You have been gifted with a few extra days to start planning costume ideas – you know, in between remembering to pick up the dry cleaning, meeting that deadline and worming the dog. But if you didn’t get the memo or don’t really care to be dedicating your time, money and brain power to artfully creating a paper mache Pig the Pug head, then I have the perfect list for you!

I have to share these little gems with students who come up to me, the day before the parade, and whinge, “I don’t know what to be for Book Week. I haven’t told mum about it yet.” I try to smile through my eye roll and ask, “Why don’t you help make your costume with things you have at home?” I know, I know, sometimes it’s just easier to do it for them or chuck cash at the problem, but hear me out. My costume suggestions are simple, cheap and aren’t going to leave you with a glitter glue covered kitchen table. Don’t worry ladies, I got ya back.

  • Let you kid skip bath time the night before the parade and pick their outfit – the wackier the better. If you have a T-shirt that is on its way out, let your kid scribble all over it in coloured texta. In the morning, don’t bother brushing their hair and hey presto – Mr Messy!
    • The biggest and bluest gum-chewer there ever was.

      The biggest and bluest gum-chewer there ever was.

      Violet Beauregarde – you know the gum chewing girlie who swells up like a blueberry in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Dress your kid head to toe in purple/blue, tie a pillow around their tummy and whizz past the servo on the way to school to pick up a packet of grape Hubba Bubba.

    • Raid the first aid kit and cover your child in Band-Aids and bandages – Mr Bump! This can even be done at school in the morning, just bribe the school nurse for supplies.


    • The Lorax – Cut a big moustache out of yellow paper and loop some sticky tape on the back to attach it to your kid’s top lip. Dress your little ratbag in yellow and orange and print a picture of a tree off the internet (if the printer is out of ink, skip this part). Oh and when your kid is asked why they chose this famous Dr Seuss character, tell them to say that it’s because he promotes sustainability – solid parenting!
    • Hermione – Tease your kid’s hair, dust off your crimper and tie a black towel around her shoulders. On the walk to school, pick out the perfect stick for her wand.
    • If you are at the supermarket the night before or have a party box, grab a party hat, colour the tip in Sharpie and get your kid to dress head to toe in a single colour – they are now a crayon from the very popular picture book, The Day the Crayons Quit.
    • James and the Giant Peach. A classic

      James and the Giant Peach. A classic

      Or if your kid is called James (excellent forward planning), you can buy the biggest peach you can find at Woolies (they are not in season but they are still pretty cheap) and BOOM! James and the Giant peach – a Roald Dahl classic!

    • If you really get desperate, grab a fair wand from the dress-up box and keep your eyes peeled for a departed possum on the drive to school – scoop it into some Tupperware and voila! Your kid can prance into the parade as Possum Magic!…too far?
    • Ok, how about Thelma the Unicorn? Superglue a carrot to your kid’s headband and jazz up a pink outfit with some oversized sunnies!

Trust me, the best costumes are the simple ones. The ones that the kids help to create. So don’t stress out about it. Keep it simple stupid.

Do you have any awesome (and easy) Book Week costume ideas to share? Help a sister out!
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