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How to spot when your little one is teething

Stacey by Stacey
November 16th, 2017

This post is brought to you by Little Ones but is 100% my story.

As a mum of three boys, you’d think by now I’d basically have a degree in spotting the signs of teething. WRONG! My 7 month old just cut his first tooth and I was that mum walking around saying, “Geez, he’s a bit of hard work at the moment…not sure what’s wrong.” It took 0.5 seconds of my mum checking his mouth to notice that my little guy had just given birth to his first tooth.

Kids are needy little creatures at the best of times, so when the tooth delivery fairy knocks on your door it’s time to strap yourself in for some GOOD TIMES. And just so you know, teething typically lasts from the moment your kid hits 6 months to when they crack their 2-year-old molars. Fun hey?!?

To help you stay in your right mind and TRY to remain somewhat compassionate in the eye of the teething storm, here are some signs your little one might be preparing for an onslaught of chompers.

Mack wearing his little ones nappy - happy as a clam!

Mack wearing his little ones nappy – happy as a clam!

Drooling – A baby with a saliva flow to rival Niagra Falls 24/7 is one of the biggest signs. Sounds charming, doesn’t it?! Slap on a bib (rubber-backed is your best bet) for every waking minute of their life, otherwise you will changing their drool-soaked threads constantly.

Changes in poo smell and consistency  Prepare to gag.  A LOT! The smell of a little teether’s poo is Nasty with a capital N – a mix of sweet, tangy and FOUL! And not to mention it gets soft and stringy at times. To combat this nastiness – we use Little One’s nappies, which are exclusive to Woolworths. They hold all that charming runny, smelly foulness inside the nappy with the ultimate in absorbency. Use their cute designs to distract you from the job at hand.

Irritability – Yep, they become annoyed at everything and want to be held constantly – sorta like PMS baby-style. Fun for the whole family.

Biting on EVERYTHING – Anything and everything in sight will end up in their little gob, so stock up on as many teething toys as you can get your mitts on. If you’re really ahead of the game, pop them in the freezer or fridge to make them nice and cold and help numb those gums. It might give you 10 seconds of peace. Lucky duck.

Red and swollen gums – As icky as it sounds, put your finger in their mouth and feel around the gums…you can often feel the lumps rising.

Red, flushed cheeks – It might look like slap cheek (or like your little one has made their way into your make up stash and gone to town with your blush), but it’s not. Rosy red cheeks are often a dead giveaway of a teething bub.

Rubbing or pulling on ears – This is a super common symptom of teething and often one of the first signs for most kids.

Sleepless nights and bad napping – As if you need another reason to have a sleepness night, right? In a tragic turn of events, just as your baby starts sleeping through the night, the teething monster rears it’s ugly head and BAM! You’re in newborn territory again. It’s the universe’s lovely way of reminding you that you will NEVER sleep again!

Food fussiness– Whether it’s actual food, bottles or breastfeeds, your babe might get super fussy and start rejecting chow time. And heads up breastfeeding mamas – BEWARE of biting babies. It might be the part of teething that brings you down the hardest.

Survival is the name of the game when it comes to teething; for you and your little one. When your little guy or gal comes out the other side with a shiny new set of milky pearlers, give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. And maybe throw a steak on the barbie to celebrate now that you BOTH have the canines to enjoy one!

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