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Do you think it’s ok to take your kids out of school for holidays?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 12th, 2018

We’ve just come home from a few nights away with our kids, who are aged seven and nine. It isn’t school holidays, which means we’ve taken them out of school for a couple of days for this mini vacay which suits us down to the ground… ‘cos who wants to go away in school holidays? This might sound a little nasty, but you know what I like on a trip away? Quiet. The pool to ourselves. A jumping pillow that isn’t crowded with millions upon billions of kids all trying to do flips in the one spot.

While it isn’t everyone’s ideal time to travel, I’m 100% cool with pulling my kids out of school for a trip away and even though this was only a few nights, I’d totally consider a big overseas trip during the school term too. The thing is, school is important and LEARNING is important, but there is tonnes of stuff your kids can learn outside of the classroom through travelling and the experiences it gives them. New places, cultures and interactions with people outside of their tiny world is so beneficial for our little ones and I feel like if you have the opportunity, why miss out? Maybe I’m so gung-ho about this because my kids are still really young and when high school hits I might change my tune, but for now, it’s perfect for us. I still make them read at night while we’re away but apart from that, it’s hair down, shoes off and family time in the sun. ‘Cos there isn’t much better for the soul than that.

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