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This little girl dobbed her dad in for growing ‘weed’

Brooke by Brooke
March 3rd, 2017

I can only imagine all the things I say and do will soon be repeated by my little lady. She’s only two now but the day will come when she is going to spill my secrets, I know it. There are some things that happen at home that you’d prefer your kid not to talk about school. I had better start watching myself STAT.

No one would hear as much as teachers, man they must hear some stuff they wish they didn’t a lot of the time.  It would have to be every parent’s worst nightmare to be called aside by your kid’s teacher to bring up something their child had repeated at home that’s not very favourable. Sometimes kids can get confused and get the wrong end of the stick, but regardless, it’s a teacher’s duty to follow up with the parent in question.

Dax Holt, a former producer at TMZ, recently had a bit of an uncomfortable encounter with his daughter’s teacher after she told her teacher about all the ‘weed’ in the family’s backyard. Dax grilled his daughter about what she told her teacher and posted the video to his Facebook page and you have to do yourself a favour and watch it. It’s HILARIOUS. This poor dad!!!

Has your child ever got you into trouble?