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FIVE things I miss desperately about primary school

Monty by Monty
January 11th, 2016

Last year, my eldest started primary school. This totally freaked me out because it feels like it was only like, four months ago I was heaving him out of my loins. On that first day, as I watched him trot through the big school gate, I couldn’t help but remember all the rad shit that comes with primary school. Yeah, there are the moles and bullies and it totally sucks getting picked last for rounders, but man there is some awesomeness that I really miss about primary school.

Here are a few things I remember fondly about primary school.

CASUAL CLOTHES DAY- This was like EVERYTHING! The anticipation for casual clothes day was almost on par with Christmas. After wearing a uniform every day and blending in like a boring blue berry with everyone else, that one day of the term was awesome. Of course I would also feel a huge amount of anxiety and try on about 642 outfits before the day arrived but it was FUN! It felt wild and crazy and kinda naughty being in the school grounds in ‘normal’ clothes.

oLUNCH ORDER- The whole process of a lunch order was unbelievably exhilarating.  Remember how awesome it was grabbing a brown paper lunch bag from the draw and writing your order out in your best calligraphy. I would spend an hour or so writing that baby out. I could taste the following days food in my mouth as I carefully crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s. A hotdog with sauce and some ovalteenies would bring a grin from ear to ear on my mug. If you got to carry the lunch order box to the canteen in the morning  and then collect it all before lunch it was a kick ass day. I can still remember the smell of the canteen and the busy mums rushing around popping cheesy popcorn and carob buddies into bags.

ASSEMBLY DANCES- You bet your bottom dollar my friends and I would rehearse like demons for what felt like an eternity to perform a dance to Janet Jackson at the school assembly.  The whole school would sit on their bums with their legs crossed watching us as we  would fling our lankly limbs around to often overly sexual songs. We would feel like the queens of the school. We were pre pubescent and  unco yet totally confident girls dancing their hearts out, it was liberating and completely fabulous (in our minds)

Lisa Wilkinson spoke to us about the bullying she experienced at school in the podcast below. Have a listen, then subscribe here.

cCONTACTING BOOKS: The start of the year was always the best. After 576 weeks of summer holidays, getting ready to go back to school was so bloody exciting. Remember the new pencil case with the plastic little slips for you to slide the letters of your name in? Filling the pencil case with labelled texta’s, pencils, a rubber and ruler felt like you were ready to take on the world. The icing on the getting ready to go back to school cake was contacting. This as serious shit. My sister was the queen on contacting. Not one bubble in sight. It was epic. I would pick out my contact paper from the news-agency and she would cover my books with complete perfection. Holding a brand new binder book with flower plastic to protect it from the world was childhood ecstasy.

AFTER SCHOOL PLAY DATES- Life was SO simple. No one had a diary (unless it was a Dinky Diary) and you were literally as free as a bird. If you felt like playing at someones house after school you just did. You would call your mum on the land line to let her know you won’t be home and to come and pick you up at 5.30pm. Having dinner at a friends house on a school night was so bloody exciting, I was not allowed to sleep out on a school night but once mum had a late night work function on and I slept at my best friends house and it was AMAZING! Putting on your school uniform with your friend in the morning and having a different mum pack your lunch was mind blowing.

Oh the memories. So sweet. What do you miss from primary school?