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The Block’s Bec and George’s incredible birth photos.

Brooke by Brooke
August 31st, 2016

There is nothing more incredible, beautiful and powerful than a women giving birth. Women’s bodies are nothing short of bloody amazing and nothing is more proof of that than when a baby is born into the world.

Everyone’s favourite Block contestants Bec and George Durous recently welcomed their delicious baby boy, Archie Nicolas, into the world. He was a much wanted little man, the pair struggled to fall pregnant and suffered a miscarriage along the way.

“We tried for a while to fall pregnant, but when I did I had a miscarriage at seven weeks. It was devastating,” Bec said after finding out she was pregnant for the second time, this time with Archie. “I’m a big believer in the universe working in mysterious ways and this is just perfect timing for us.”

Little Archie was born via c-section and birth photographer Kelly Jordan was there to capture the special day for them, she says it’s a birth she feels lucky to have been a part of.

“There were moments of her labour that if I could have taken on some of the pain, I would have. With such deep concentration, I breathed through it with her. She’s amazing,” says Kelly of Bec. “After a long labour, there was an incredible joy and relief at Archie’s safe arrival. I cried, captured and celebrated with Bec, George and their family.”

These images will take your breath away in the most special and magical way.









Bec and George with their very special Archie, now 10 months.

What was your birth experience like?

*Photos published with permission from Kelly Jordan - birth photographer extraordinaire. If you’d like to know more about Kelly and her amazing work, please head here.