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The FOUR things that are essential when you have a baby

Stacey by Stacey
May 21st, 2018

This post is sponsored by Woolworths but is 100% my thoughts and feelings. Stace x

Before I had my first kid I went bonkers on buying baby goods. If it was in a baby catalogue it was obviously totally essential to have it. I ended up with piles and piles of useless crap…a reclining chair for the bath, a monitor that could do almost everything besides breastfeeding my baby, 5 different types of nipple cream, haemorrhoid cream just in case, 64 Sophie Giraffe’s, lemon flavoured rusks, 32 bottles with the natural nipple feel and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Seven years have passed since my essential shopping splurge and I’m now three kids deep. In my eldest son’s cupboard, there are still pristine unwrapped boxes of baby items that I would have sold my left arm to get back then. I could pop it all on eBay and fly first class to Tahiti. What a waste of cashhhh.

I know it’s perfectly normal to overdo it with the first bub; you have the time, energy and desire to have the best of the best for Every. Little. Thing. By the time you’re welcoming your next kid all you’re able to think about is survival. Who gives a rats if the dummy matches the spit bib!

There are loads of useless gizmo’s, gadgets and flavoured rusks you can invest in as a new mum but really there are only a few things that were totally essential for me, so I thought I would share them with you.

Mack and his cute toosh sporting the Little Ones nappy

Tummy support – Oooooh how essential these babies are. After having my babies my tummy felt SO weak. It was like every single muscle in there had totally switched off and needed some serious TLC. I stocked up on all sorts of these. I loved the ones that were basically knee to nipples. They help to support your tummy that is in shock from no longer housing a child. They made my clothes feel more comfortable, my tummy and back feel more supported and they were cosy as.

Nappies and wipes – Since mini humans need to have their bum and bits wiped during a fresh nappy change 10-12 times a day, you gotta stock up on these items like the world is ending. Buy these in bulk so you never run out and it works out wayyyy cheaper. Little Ones Nappies and Wipes are unisex, comfy and very absorbent AND only $10 for 56 nappies. I have used these for my youngest from day one and the amount of money I have saved this time around has been huge. They are also super cute and make your bubs toosh look even more delicious.

Cabbage leaves – This ain’t an old wives tale, trust me. Get a ton of them in your freezer and when your tattas get sore, lumpy, cracked and overused throw these bad boys on and the relief is almost instant. I found them more effective than the expensive stuff I got sucked into buying and they are totally natural. If you are prone to mastitis you will bond big time with a good old cabbage.

Pads –I have had three babies now and each time I am shocked at the amount of fluid that exits one’s body post birth. I had c-sections for all my kids so didn’t realize that I would need to wear pads for months post birth. It can take our bodies ages to adjust after having a baby and pads became my best friends for literally four months after each birth. Big pads, thin pads, panty liners etc…stock up!

Obviously, it’s nice to have all the bells and whistles when you have a baby; but in between feeds, sleeps and nappy changes, you barely have time to enjoy the handcrafted, pastel-painted wooden unicorn that was essential to complete the look of your babies room.

*Little Ones are only available at Woolworths. The range includes convenient and bulk pack nappies, nappy pants, nappy bags and baby wipes. They are reasonably priced, have super cute patterns on them and are super comfy, dry and secure. They are also unisex so if you spawned a boy or a girl, they are perfecto.