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The comments that FLOORED me after having my third son

Stacey by Stacey
October 21st, 2017

Imagine having your baby, a third boy, and being told the following; ‘You’re kidding’, ‘Bummer, you’ll have to back to get a girl’, ‘Wow, that’s a real handful’, ‘Oh no, who will look after you in your old age?’, ‘I’m so sad for you’.

I had my third boy  nine months ago and I can count on one hand how many positive comments I’ve received.

I’ve always wanted to have three kids. I didn’t care what gender they were, as long as they were healthy. I’ve been exposed to a lot of disability in my family so I’m not naive about the things that can go wrong when you have a baby. Before I got pregnant, throughout my pregnancy and once my children were born, I lived in constant fear that the doctors would tell me one of my kids had something that wasn’t deemed ‘normal.’

Luckily, so far so good.

I relate to boys well. I have two brothers so grew up with boys and as a result, I was a total tomboy. I was more than happy when I found out I had my third boy.  This is not to say I wouldn’t be happy if I had a girl. But I honestly didn’t mind what I had. However, I do mind that people make off the cuff comments like the ones I mentioned above without realising they’re being so rude. God forbid my youngest son hears these comments one day and thinks that maybe we were bummed he came out a boy. Dramatic? Maybe, but it hurts me to think that he could hear these type of comments at some point in his life.

I know people don’t mean to be rude or hurtful…but after hearing it OVER and OVER again when I tell people what gender our gorgeous number three is, I’m starting to get a litttttle over it.

My baby is healthy, and pretty darn delectable (if I do say so myself). I believe that you get what you’re given and what you can handle in life. I will enjoy every nook and cranny of these boys because I’m lucky enough to have them.

But for now, I will use this forum to tell people far and wide – please don’t feel bad for people like me that have children that are all one gender. Although some people would wish to have a boy and girl they’re certainly not sad about what they have. They love that baby all the same.

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