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The GENIUS way to teach your kids to tie their shoelaces

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 17th, 2016

Learning to tie your shoes as a little kid can be a real battle. It’s funny, because once you’ve mastered it you go on shoelace autopilot and rarely give it a second thought, even though it might have taken you forever to learn.

Then, a little person comes into your life – your own child, a niece, a cousin – and you try to teach them the fine art of shoelace-tying and it all comes flooding back. Learning to tie your shoes is HARD – and there’s only so long you can get away with velcro, so it’s a pretty essential skill.

When my daughter was in grade Prep, she hadn’t quite mastered her shoelace tying skills yet. On sports days, I’d always double-knot her runners to make sure they wouldn’t come undone because apparently these days, it’s against OH&S for teachers to tie kids shoes for them. I KNOW! So one day, her laces somehow loosen, she trips over a set of steps in the playground, face-plants the asphalt and knocks her front teeth out. Good times. That weekend, the Tooth Fairy shelled out some major cash and we went full bootcamp style on the shoelace tying lessons. It was frustrating for her and us, but we got there and now she’s got it down pat.

My son has recently hit the tie-your-own-damn-laces stage but THIS TIME, I’ve got this bloody genius video to model off. It’s seriously the most kid-friendly shoelace-tying tutorial you’ll ever find, which is why it’s been shared over 6.8 MILLION times via the Unstoppable Mother (aka Kirsten Johnson) Facebook page.

The method is WAY easier than the traditional versions and the best bit? You can pour yourself a glass of vino and let your child watch the vid on repeat until they’ve got it mastered, all while you yell, “Wow! That’s awesome! Look at you go!” from the comfort of the couch. Perfect.

Did you struggle to teach your kids to tie their shoelaces? What method did you use?

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