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BUSTED! The late night antics of these twins are hilarious!

Brooke by Brooke
March 20th, 2017

Baby monitors have busted babies doing some pretty funny stuff, but I reckon this just may take the cake.

Parents Susana and Jonathan Balkin have released a video of what really goes on when the lights go out in the room shared by their two-year-old twins, Andrew and Ryan, and it’s safe to say it’s equally cute as hell and hilarious.

The mischevious twosome can be seen jumping out of their cots and heading for the couch where they have a good old chin wag before they rush around to build a fort with cushions and anything else they can get their hands on – which is more than you may think!

At one point their dad very rudely interupts their late night adventures to put them back to bed, but not long after they’re back at it. Then, the fun comes to and abrupt end again, when both parents come in to show these cheeky tots who is boss…which they take no notice of! As soon as the coast is clear they jump back on the couch for a little pow-wow before wearing themselves out and taking themselves off to bed for some shut-eye.

I, too, have a two year-old and I have to admit, I’d be pretty impressed if she pulled off some of these boys moves. Check them out.

What’s the cheekiest late-night antics your kids have gotten up to?