twins frozen
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Adorable toddler twins have become mini mega stars!

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
April 7th, 2017
twins frozen

As a mother of two girls aged three and seven years old, I’ve seen Frozen about 756 times. I’ve watched as my two girls stood on either side of the kitchen door and tearfully re-enacted the scene where Anna pleads with Elsa to come play. It’s SO cute to watch. However my daughters have some serious acting competition when it comes to these absolutely ADORABLE twins.

Maddie and Scarlett, who are almost 2 years-old, put on an incredible performance recreating a scene from Frozen. In a video posted to Facebook by their mum Colleen, the toddlers act out the scene where Elsa accidentally hurts Anna. The fact that they have memorised the entire scene so accurately at such a young age is quite incredible.

The Facebook vid has had 45 million views already and made the twins viral sensations! Colleen intially decided to share it on Facebook with friends, family and an extra 45 million people. Eeek.  “I just decided to get my camera out to see if they, you know, they do it, and they did,” she explained. “And I just posted it, didn’t expect it to get so many hits … We’re just shocked.”

Someone get these girls an acting contract STAT. Super cute: 

Are your kids still obsessed with Frozen?