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Remember Blue Light discos?

Monty by Monty
October 27th, 2016

Did you ever go to a Blue Light Disco? You know the underage dance parties that were sponsored by the cops and held at party o’clock (usually kicking off at 11am and concluding around 2pm)

If you did I’m sooo jealous of you. Were your parents super lax or did they think because the disco was run by cops that no dry humping would take place on the DF?

 Having the cops as the ones in charge only made the challenge to get to third base all that more thrilling.

I was gagging to go to a blue light disco when I was a kid but my mum was having none of it. Looking back on it, I’m proud of her for making her stand. Even when a Constable is supervising, things like wondering fingers, boob gropes and unwanted pregnancies are still rife. Having the cops as the ones in charge only made the challenge to get to third base all that more thrilling.

Good old Limbo.

Good old Limbo.

My Primary School used to throw a yearly disco for the students and even though we would all be consumed with the excitement of what to wear and what music we would dance to, on the actual night we all stood around trying to look cool while the teachers encouraged us to join in and limbo. There was something weird and unnerving about being at the school hall when it was dark and on top of that, seeing the teachers in disco gear made us feel a little uneasy. Of course there was a handful of kids that puberty had embarked on early that would meet at the toilets and have a pash, but overall it was pretty tame.

My eldest boy is only five so underage discos are still about 10 years away from our reality, and by then the word disco will be even more tragic than it is now, so I’m sure there will be a rebrand BUT…I already know my kid will not be attending such a soiree. Sure they can go to the school disco because I have no doubt they will still be as lame as back in the day, but anything that involves kids swarming the local 7/11 prior to bump and grinding in a scout hall is totally off the table.

We ALL know what happens when hornball kids get in a room with some sweet tunes cranking and their pockets full of hubba bubba. Even if it is only brunch time.

Have a watch of newsreader and mum of two Natarsha Belling talking to Monty about growing up with strict parents:

Did you go to underage discos? Would you let your kids go?

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