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Whitney Port is the BFF every new mum needs

Stacey by Stacey
August 29th, 2017

Remember breastfeeding for the first time? I mean, how could you not right? I do. I was in agony – stressed to the max and anxious I was going to fuck it up. I still can’t decide if I put the pressure on myself or if it was society making me feel that way. I know I wanted what was supposedly ‘best’ for my baby but I also think I wanted the experience that came with it. I was robbed of a natural birth and had an emergency c-section for my first born so I was determined to have some control over breastfeeding. Luckily it worked, but it wasn’t without SERIOUS pain and perseverance.

Breastfeeding kinda sneaks up on you – you spend 10 months worrying about how you’re going to get that baby out and then BAM…it’s time to get this little person on your ta-tas and you’re so tired and out of it that shit can go pear shaped REAL quick. I don’t know many women that have escaped the hardships that come with breastfeeding, it’s hard yakka.

Insert – Whitney Port . You remember her right? She was Lauren Conrad’s intern friend at Teen Vogue on the reality cult series The Hillsshe’s now married to a cute man named Tim Rosenman and on the 27th of July this year she became a mama to a gorgeous little man named Sonny. Well, Whit has a YouTube channel called ‘I Love My Baby But…’ where she shares her motherhood journey – warts and all. And well, it’s bloody awesome! It’s raw in every perfect way possible. It’s a channel every mum should know about because chances are, we have all felt the same thing at some time.

Her latest video is of her talking about the challenge of breastfeeding and how painful it is. She is honest about the fact that she may give up but feels an immense amount of pressure not to.

Check it out – and watch her other vids…she’s insanely cute.

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