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“Will I poo?” One of the most common questions of mums to be

Lael Stone by Lael Stone
November 23rd, 2015

The idea of giving birth can be so scary. Whether it’s the pain factor or something going wrong with your baby, the anxiety can be very real for any expecting mumma.

Most of us are familiar with shocking and scary birth stories. Birth in the movies are always so dramatic and scary, and not to mention all the horror stories women like to share. No wonder you’re freakin’ out!

It’s normal for a woman to have some element of fear about the big day. Unknown factors can cause the fear levels to rise big time. I have been a Birth Attendant and Educator for over 10 years and have been asked many questions over my time. Here are five of the most commonly asked questions. Hopefully my answers ease the mind a little.

  1. Will I poo?

bThis is the number 1 question asked in my childbirth classes. Yes, number ONE! I’ll be honest, the answer is usually yes!! Pooing is a normal part of birth. It is a sign that the baby is moving down into the pelvis and closer to being born. So poo= good news. Most women don’t even realise they have done a poo as they are so focused on pushing their baby out. There is no need to worry as Midwives are on the poo lookout and well trained in preserving your dignity. It’s usually cleaned up and out of there before you or anyone notices.

2. Will my partner ever see me as sexy again if he looks ‘down there’? 

In my experience, which I have plenty in the delivery room, most men are in absolute awe at what their woman is doing! Watching the woman they love do something so incredible more often than not ignites a whole new respect. If you are worried about what your partner might see down there just ask him to stay up near your head and support you there.

3. Dying

Whether it’s the fear of you or your baby dying, this can be a common worry for so many women. It is very normal to have this concern when you are facing an unknown situation.  The bottom line is we have excellent health care in Australia. We are now ranked 4th safest country in the world in which to give birth. Of course there are no guarantees with anything we do in life, but the odds of this happening are very low.

4. Pain 

This is a big one! What if I can’t cope with the pain? We all fear pain but the pain we feel in labour isn’t the same pain as a broken leg or being sick, it is your body doing what it needs to do in order to bring a bub into the world. Learning some good breathing techniques can really help you cope in labour. Remember that pain is also subjective, what is excruciating for one woman, isn’t that bad for another – so try not to project what it might be based on someone else’s birth story. And if breathing, relaxation, baths and support don’t help – there are always drugs.

5. Getting to the hospital on time

Only 0.04% of babies are ‘Born before Arrival.’ These are usually second and third babies. Babies that come quickly usually just deliver themselves. If you need to push before you make it to the hospital, call an ambulance, get on your hands and knees and stick your bum up in the air. It slows everything down. Ambos are great at catching babies and what an awesome birth story you will have.

Giving birth, no matter how you choose to do it, is an amazing experience. Turn that fear into motivation and fill yourself up with great birth stories. Get educated and prepare yourself with the tools and resources to pull on for the big day.

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