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This 7-year-old’s Taylor Swift impersonation is spot on

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
January 19th, 2017
taylor swift impersonator

I’ve sent my daughter to dance class and watched her in concerts in over-the-top outfits and wearing make-up in the past. I can’t say I ever felt super comfortable with the whole make-up on a 6-year-old thing, but I understood it was part of the performance so reluctantly went along with it.

One night after driving home from a dance concert, my 6-year-old asked me if I liked her make-up, “I love how you look just the way you are, without make-up”, I replied. She cried all the way home because she thought the make-up looked fantastic and couldn’t understand why I didn’t love it as much as her.

The next year I found a much more low key dance school and thoroughly enjoyed watching her have fun on the stage with her friends… make-up free. I know many other parents who struggle with sending their kids to dance class for the same reason. All parents are different, as are all kids. How do we know if there are the repercussions for sometimes letting our kids act older than they are?

A recent viral video showing 7-year-old  Xia Vigor’s belt out the Taylor Swift hit ‘You Belong To Me’, while mimicing Taylor’s outfits and mannerisms perfectly, has people VERY divided. There is no doubt this Tay Tay impersonation is spot on and this kid is incredibly talented, however the backlash has been huge over whether some of the dance moves are too sexual for a 7-year-old to perform.

taylor-swift-min me

Xia’s performance was for a filipino TV show “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” where kids impersonate their favourite stars like Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys and are then judged – X-factor style. The YouTube video of Xia’s Taylor impersonation has racked up almost 3 millions view and the comments  are completely varied as to whether the performance is an amazing rendition by a talented kid or just completely wrong. Xia’s parents have been accused of child explotation while others have come to their defence saying that Xia clearly loves enertaining through dance and music.

It’s hard to parent in an age where our kids have so much access to the rest of the world through the internet, the media and YouTube. What is totally normal for some kids can be too much to handle for others. My daughters love a bit of a Swifty singalong but for the moment I think we’ll keep the dress-up dance performances to the lounge-room. But hey, each to their own.

What do you think of Xia’s Taylor peformance?