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A new Bali tip that will rock your socks off

Monty by Monty
April 21st, 2018

I’m an annual Bali piglet. I’ve been going every year for the past ten years and have grown even more fond of it since heaving out two offsprings because it’s SO easy to holiday there with mini humans. Anything that’s easy, I’m all over.

Normally we stay in hotels and resorts but this year we did something wild and stayed in a Villa. I have never really been into Villa’s in the past because I thought it would kinda just be like staying at home, I didn’t want to have to do laundry or dishes or cook dinner and I also didn’t want to feel trapped. My mind set of a villa was way off, like wayyyyy off.

We just got back from staying in the most kick-arse, holy shit Villa and I didn’t wash one pair of undies or even heat up one can of baked beans because STAFF and lots of them.

So here is my latest Bali tip (I’m always up for a Bali tip). It’s called and it’s your one stop shop.

I emailed a lovely broad called Khanh who hooked me up after I gave her some some very strict requests. They were:

– The Villa needs to be big so my kids have space to run free range and also if I want to escape them I can.

– It needs to be lush and green, I don’t want to see brick walls around me or feel like I am trapped. LUSH I said, needs to be LUSH.

-I want it close to restaurants and the hustle and bustle of Seminyak but I want it to be quiet.

– I want to have lots of rice patties near us so it’s pretty

– I want to still be able to feed my kids so it can’t cost a bomb

Am I a spoilt brat? Yes.

I digress.

This chick didn’t bat an eye lid and instead of me scanning through literally thousands of villas, she sent me a few that had covered all my annoying, but reasonable requests. I picked the one we liked the most and then found ourselves living like kings at Villa Theo in Umalas. Umalas is in between Seminyak and Canggu and it is AWESOME.

The pool was MASSIVE (20m’s long) but having kids that sink straight to the bottom, I needed a pool fence put in, so they sorted that.

They can also sort a driver for you and basically anything else you need. It’s EASY and gives you peace of mind. When you look so forward to your trip (we usually do one big one a year) and then you rock up and your accom sucks, it can ruin the whole thing. Our Villa was so ace that when we walked in my partner Sam and I started to giggle.

The particular villa we stayed in could easily fit 10 people, so could easily fit 2-3 families.

All the Villas you get through have staff so your room gets made up every day, they can make you breakfast, lunch and dinner and are there to help you with whatever you need.

My hat ripped one day and one of the awesome staff members Putu sewed it back up for me. I also left my pillow (yes I travel with my own pillow) at the hotel we stayed at previously to the villa and one of the other awesome staff rode their motorbike over the other side of Bali and got it for me. Nothing is too much for them and every day you are greeted by the friendliest faces who you get to know really well by the end of it. My kids LOVED the staff.

As someone who gets accomodation anxiety, this was a perfecto way to book our accomodation. It’s not more expensive than doing it any other way either. If you’re travelling to Bali, and let’s be honest a heap of us always do, try out Villa Theo or one of the other heap of Villa’s that look after.

Here are pictures of Villa Theo.

theo 1

theo 2

theo 3

theo 3

theo 4

theo 5

theo 6

theo 7

theo 8