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The BEST dry shampoo on the market

Monty by Monty
September 15th, 2017

Some people would grab their family photos if their house was on fire, I’d grab my dry shampoo, maybe even before I grabbed my kids.

Seriously, I have a massive addiction to dry shampoo because it is EVERYTHING.

I am shocked that there are still broads roaming the streets who are yet to dabble in the wonderful world of DS. My little sister is one of these chicks and it makes me love her a little less; she doesn’t understand how much her life would improve with a few sprays of the white powdery goodness.

I LOVE volume in my hair and find dry shampoo does half the trick for me (I also use dusting riser product). I have about 64 bottles in my bathroom and in every handbag, as well as the car and every second draw in the house. Indeed obsessed.

I have used many a dry shampoo but find myself going back to the same three all the time. So below are my picks of the best dry shampoo out there.

This is my ALL TIME FAVE. I just get it from Hairhouse Warehouse. I used it when I had dark hair and also now I have blonde hair. The thing with dry shampoo is that you just have to make sure you pat it in and you can use the real white stuff.

I find RPR lasts a bit longer than other cans of dry shampoo. It doesn’t really have a smell and gives good volume and soaks up the oil.



Klorane was the first dry shampoo I ever used. Was it the first one ever? Feels like it has been around for yonks. The good thing about this is it is cheap and avail pretty much anywhere.  It is in most chemists and supermarkets which is handy. It is cheap and does the trick. Lots of volume and dries the shit out of your hair which I love. Again as long as you rub in properly, you can get away using this one with any hair colour. It does seem to run out quite quickly though.

dry 2

$13 at Wollies

Batiste is another goodie. It comes in darker spray for dark hair (which I never used even when dark, I prefer the white stuff). I like this brand because they do big dog cans and are not too expensive either. They also do tiny cans that are good for the handbag.


Big dog can around $15

What is your fave dry shampoo?