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The new fake tan that is REAL good

Monty by Monty
March 16th, 2017

Fellow fake tan junkies, I am onto a new obsession. I am far from loyal when it comes to the golden goodness, I flirt with many a bottle and often at the same time. I’m wild like that.

If I get a wiff of a new or fabulous tan, I will race to the shops to purchase and lather it on my pasty bits.

I always pop on at night time and sleep in it (my sheets are trashed but it is a small price to pay for glowing skin). In the morning I race to the mirror with the same enthusiasm as a kid on christmas morning to check out my new look. I either feel like a million bucks or screech at the site of my fluorescent orange skin.



My recent flavour of the month is called Spray Aus Self Tan Mousse. You can pop it on for as little as one hour to a full night. I like a deeper tan so I do the full shebang. The first thing they say on their website is “We don’t do orange, we do sun kissed”.

This tan is made by an all girl band too which makes it even more delightful. Two young broads called Em and Al started a mobile spray tanning business and are quite well known in Melbourne. Bec Judd and Nadia Bartel were big fans of the tan and have jumped on board to be apart of the mousse.

Worth a crack. I big time approve and consider myself a self proclaimed fake tan expert.

Check out our On The Couch with Nadia Bartel below. Bec Judd will be joining us On The Couch soon as well.