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If you’ve called your kid one of these names then you ARE a ‘bogan’

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 30th, 2017

I am a self-confessed and very aware bogan. I know each time my mum tunes in to hear my radio show, she is a little shocked at how boganic my voice is.

I am a friendly bogan, we usually are.

Recently I have been starting to think that I have given one of my boys a bit of a bogan name and although I am the first to say I am a boag, I don’t want my kids to have a ‘bogan name’. (How many times can someone say ‘Bogan’ in an article?)

Baxter is my five year-old and as soon as I heard that name when I was preggo, I knew that is what I wanted my baby to be called if he were born with a peen. So on delivery day, the male bits arrived and he was crowned Baxter! I loved his name big time, I still do, but lately I have been thinking that maybe Baxter is a real bogan name.  Sometimes the way people say it makes me cringe a little. Have I set this kid up for a life of wearing wife beater singlets and pronouncing ‘ask’ as ‘AKS’?

The website Kidspot has published its list of the most bogan baby names of 2017. Luckily Baxter wasn’t on it, and in fact I am very reassured there are far more bigger bogans out there than me cause cop a look at this list.



-Brie (as in BRIE CHEESE)


-Wyliuum- pronounced WILLIAM. What The Farrrrrk!

-Abcde- No shit, there have been 300 girls called this in the USA since 1990.



– Colon

And I shall stop there. I have a feeling there will be some more naming restrictions coming into play soon. Please god make there be.

Baxter ain’t that boagie after all.

M x