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THIS is one of the reasons why Mandy Moore is awesome!

Monty by Monty
April 9th, 2017

Like the rest of the world you probably inhaled This Is Us or if not, you are at least aware of it.

When I first heard about the show and that Mandy Moore was playing the mum of triplets I sniggered like a high brow brat. Mandy Moore? The chick who sang the song about missing a dude like candy?

What a mole ’cause after watching the show I am a big old Moore fan. She has a gorgeous face and delightful smile and she has a sweet voice and she can indeed really act. I didn’t think I’d believe her but I did. Mandy is bloody fab and girl is back better than ever!

So for fellow Mandy converts or former Mandy lovers who are back on the boat, here are a couple of things I heard about Mandy Moore that I thought share worthy.

* Mandy has a tattoo and it ain’t a butterfly on the top of her derrière like mine either (tragic I know). Mandy has two bits of spoof tattooed on her feet. Yeah, little sperms. It is a bit of an inside joke from when Mandy was on tour about 10 or so years ago. When she and her band got ready in hotel rooms, she would have her own room and the rest of them had to share – so there was a tour rule that nobody was allowed to ‘spank the monkey’ in the shower. It became a bit of a joke amongst the band after one of the members said he didn’t want babies on his feet. To commemorate the tour, they all got babies on their feet.

I like the commitment to the joke!


* Mandy had been really honest about her battles with depression. I love it when someone with a profile talks about this, helps to normalise it and raise awareness about the fucker of a thing.

In 2007 Mandy spoke about her struggles.  She has said that she is a really positive person and it was like someone had flipped a switch on her.


And just for old times sake.