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The 12 foods you NEED to eat organic and the 15 you don’t

Monty by Monty
September 12th, 2017

I try to buy organic food when I can, like when I have an extra coupla grand to chuck at food! The chemicals sprayed on our food freaks me out but unless you are a zillionaire eating all organic is basically impossible.

Also, how shit is the organic section at the supermarket? It’s like one metre wide and only ever seems to have zucchini and occasionally spinach available. Even if you had the cash to ‘organicise’ your life, it just isn’t that accessible.

My local fruit and veg shop has more organic stuff than the supermarket and I found out the hard way the other month that in order to shop there you have to mortgage your house. I filled one basket, only ONE little basket with organic fruit and veg and some organic coconut oil and it came to THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS! I nearly died, but I was too embarrassed to say no at checkout so I hoped for the best as I handed over my debit card. I could not believe it! We ate it all in 48 hours as well. It still makes me sweat thinking about it.

So I did some research on the absolute essential fruit and veg to buy organic and what is ok to eat chemical fuelled. Ha.

There is a list called the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. These lists contain the 12 foods that have the most pesticide residue and also the 15 foods that are more safe to purchase non- organic.

If you are unsure why organic is better for you,  it’s because organic food isn’t sprayed or dunked in pesticides. Pesticides are designed to kill insects, plants and mould or mildew and when used in high doses can be pretty harmful to us mere mortals – yet 70% of our fruit and veg is lathered in the shit.

So below are the lists that you can keep on file and if you can find organic and your bank balance allows it, try and purchase organic for the dirty dozen and then don’t stress about the rest.

Also what you can do if you can’t find organic is pop your fruit and veg in your sink or bowl filled with water and add a few dashes of apple cider vinegar, swish it all around for a while and that kills off some of the pesticides. I have started to do this with my berries and apples… when I remember.


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