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This is the foolproof way to meditate

Monty by Monty
June 18th, 2017

Some people find mediating overwhelming and don’t like doing it cause it is too hard. I get it, because trying to stop your thoughts from happening is IMPOSSIBLE. The key to mediating really is noticing your thoughts and then bringing yourself back to your breath, or the sounds around you, etc –  NOT having your mind be empty ’cause once again  -IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m a big time stress head so I try to meditate daily (which sometimes turns into weekly) and the truth is, during a 10- 15 minute mediation, sometimes I will only catch myself off in thoughts one or two times. That doesn’t matter though, because it is all a part of it. Sitting still and slowing my mind even a fraction is better than it racing at full speed 24/7.

Our lives are so bloody busy, like non-stop, shoot-me-now kinda busy. Well, mine feels like that anyway; bit dramatic but you get me. So I feel that mediation helps to slow me down or at least literally stop me for a small amount of time.



I have recently learnt a new mediation technique/tip that is SO easy and so good. Apparently there is no such thing as a shit meditator, even though if we got graded for it I’d be a D student, but this little tip is pretty much foolproof in staying as present as possible. A+ here we come.

So here it is, so basic it sounds simple stupid, probably because it is, but I am loving it at the moment and also use to it to help get me off to sleep.

Step 1: Turn your phone and all other distractions off or on silent and sit somewhere comfy or lay down.

Step 2: Close your eyes and then wrap the fingers of one hand around the pinky finger on your other hand and breath in and out for NINE breaths in your head. You will focus on the the counting and breathing and yes, your mind will wander, but it is way easier to catch your thoughts because you will realise at some point you have stopped counting and drifted off into thinking land, so you just gently bring your thoughts back to the breathing and continue counting. (The hold of the finger is like a gentle baby grip.)

Lightly hold onto your fingers

Step 3: You then move your way on to the next finger, breathing in slowly for nine breaths. Then the next, and the next, until you’ve done all the fingers on one hand and then swap over to the other.

After nine breaths move to the next finger holding on lightly.

After nine breaths move to the next finger holding on lightly.

Step 4: Repeat on each hand twice, which should take you between 15 to 20 minutes.

Tips: Don’t stress when you realise your thoughts have moved from counting, just say ‘no worries’ to yourself and go back to counting.

Your breathing with naturally get into a rhythm, I find it best to breath slower than normal at the start until it gets into its own natural grove.

Try this as a technique to get to sleep, it really is a cracker.

Namaste bitches. M xx