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Enzyme therapy! Have you heard of it? Have you had it?

Monty by Monty
April 22nd, 2017

I have been a right royal ratbag to my skin for most of my life

I used to literally lather oil all over my bod back in the day and fry in the sun, then I had a wild love affair with solariums until they became criminal. Fast forward to the present day and I am so pale that people think I am unwell; I don’t even look at the sun without sunscreen slapped on my pasty goods. I have gone the opposite to how I used to be and am basically a vampire.

I do love my fake tan though and have swapped my sunbaking addiction for the faux glow. Good god I hope we don’t find out in ten years that that stuff is the devil or I am in real trouble.

I have never had a good face routine either. I would go through stages of flirting with cleansing my skin and maybe popping on some moisturiser but that’s about it. Then one morning I woke up and decided to be all grown up and shit because after two kids, years of smashing my poor skin and hitting my mid 30’s, I looked in the mirror and had a little pep talk to myself. “Now is the time Monty, now is the time girl. Stop being such a  jerk to your skin and get your shit sorted”. So I am, and I LOVE it.

I get so confused will all the lotions and potions and peels and laser and fraxel and waxel that I walked into a place that came highly recommended, looked at the owner’s ridiculously awesome, dewy, baby-like skin and basically ordered what she has. And so my skin ‘journey’ has begun.

My aim is to rebuild my skin, get it looking fresh and youthful and dewy and yummy and after each treatment I truly feel like I am a step closer to my goal.

I have fallen wildly in love with something called Enzyme Therapy. The whole experience is rather fabulous/weird.

In a nutshell, Enzyme Therapy detoxifies your skin using your own lymphatic system. It rebuilds your skin, flooding each cell with nutrients while removing toxins and gives an instant plumping as well. The mask they apply to my skin dries and literally sucks in my face. The first time I had it I was like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??” – I felt like my face was being turned into a little raisin. It didn’t hurt at all, just felt super bizarre. But after each treatment I walk away feeling so fresh and can really see the changes in my skin.

IMG_4171 (1)

My girl Gry who owns HÜD Skin and Body where I go has put me on a super simple daily routine because I told her if she makes it too full on I will bolt for the hills. So morning and night, my routine is simple, easy, takes literally one minute and now if i don’t do it I feel a bit out of sorts.

This is not a sponsored post by the way, just sharing because I love it and if you are Melbourne based you really should visit Gry and her girls at HÜD. It is heavenly in there, but it is legit, like the real deal – no deep tissue massage or light fluffy facial in site. If you want results, this is your place.

Have you had Enzyme Therapy? What are you loving at the moment?

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