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There is something that divides us women greatly

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
May 19th, 2017

The old G-string verses undies debate is one we’ve had more than a few times here at Show + Tell. We’re all pretty clear on what side of the fence Monty falls on and that’s a straight out no G-bangers, granny undies only, kind of gal.

I’m always a bit shocked when people admit they wear a G-string, I tried one once in the 1990’s and yeah nah. To me there is nothing comfortable about a piece of string between your butt cheeks. Each to their own I say though.

Monty and Bec Judd recently went head to head on this exact topic on the KIIS FM’S 3pm pick up when Bec admitted she loves to sleep in a G-string. “It’s like wearing a watch. For the first day or two, you feel it but then after that, you don’t feel it at all. I always sleep in G-strings,” Bec admitted.

“See, this is what will always separate us,” Monty responded, “I have my granny undies on 24/7 unless I am showering. They are my one type of undie on repeat, in different colours.”

The KIIS 3pm pick up girls, Bec judd, Yumi Stynes and Monty

The KIIS 3pm pick up girls, Bec Judd, Yumi Stynes and Monty

There was one thing they did agree on – definitely no commando for these girls.

“Look me in the eye Bec Judd and tell me that, at one of those Brownlow events, you have never gone undieless?” Monty questioned Bec. “Pantless? How can anyone go pantless? No never – it is such a risk!” Bec exclaimed.

Are you the kind of girl that doesn't mind a bit of bum floss?

Are you the kind of girl that doesn’t mind a bit of bum floss?

Bec didn’t hold back.  “This is a bit TMI but there’s stuff going on down there at all times of the month. How do you absorb moisture is what I’m getting at!”

We also had Bec’s mate Nadia Bartel On The Couch recently who said she is bang up for the G-string and also sleeps in hers, and would NEVER wear anything else. And the debate continues… Are you a Monty full brief type of gal or a Bec Judd firmly in G-banger camp?


Bec recently sat down On The Couch with us where her and Monts go further into the G-strings verses undies debate!

You can watch our our chats with Bec here.