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This girl’s TATTOO literally plays her late Grandmothers last voicemail

Stacey by Stacey
January 28th, 2018

Losing our loved ones is earth shattering no matter how ‘prepared’ you are. Whether we lose people by accident or by illness, it changes us. It changes the feeling in our heart…it’s like a portion of us is wandering around outside our bodies and we can’t ever feel quite as complete again. None of us are exempt from heartbreak…but coming from a girl that has been lucky enough to have her grandparents for the most part until now, I understand the significant impact grandparents can have on people’s lives. Mine were and still are very special parts of my life. They helped shape the person I am today.

Now, I get to see my own parents building a relationship with my kids that is unlike any other. My parents love my kids like they’re their own…but they get to have them for short bursts of time so they devote every minute to them; they’re full of patience, love and a shit ton of lollies. They really do help me raise my children, and to be honest, I really feel like parenting is much less daunting when I know they’ve got my back…I know they will help teach them everything they need in order to be a nice human. And that is more comforting than almost anything else in the world.

When I saw Sakyrah Angelique AKA ‘s.o.s’ tweet out a video of her new tattoo my jaw dropped! Her tattoo was created using a program called ‘Skin Motion’ which brings tattoos to life. Sakyrah’s tattoo is the waveform of the voicemail audio from her Grandmother’s last message to her before she passed away. Her voice can be heard through an app that can literally read the waveform aloud. All Sakyrah has to do to hear her Grandmother’s voice is just hold her phone camera over the tattoo and the voicemail plays.

It’s UNREAL! This is one of those things that really makes your jaw drop…

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