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‘Tweezist’ is the Insta account you need in your life

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
October 16th, 2017

You know those times when you just wanna hang on the couch and not commit to anything?  When nothing on Netflix or Foxtel is floating your boat and if you watch another cat vid, you might just cough up a fur ball yourself. For some of us, pimple popping vids fill that hole PERFECTLY – but if cysts and blackheads ain’t your pus-filled bag, then this tamed-down, but no less satisfying new breed of vids is EVERYTHING.

Weirdly mesmerising with just the right amount of ‘ewwwww but wowwwww’ factor is the new Instagram account,  Tweezist, which does for ingrown hairs what Dr Pimple Popper did for zits. Think super magnified shots of long, curly hair removal that will have you semi-hypnotised and reaching for your tweezers in search of your own (or your partner’s) bod for a juicy, ingrown to call your own.

Take a look at Tweezist’s vids below….and if you love this shit as much as we do, subscribe to @tweezist’s Insta page here.

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