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Three games that will make your kids smarter

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
June 20th, 2017

This piece is brought to you by Hasbro Gaming but is totally my own story.

As a single mum with two daughters aged seven and four years-old, I’ve experienced my fair share of mum guilt. I’m often so consumed with the day-to-day stuff that needs to be done, that I rarely just sit and spend quality time with my kids.

When I do get a spare moment I feel guilty that I often use that for ‘me‘ time to try and recharge. That mother’s guilt just keeps on giving! I’ll admit that I often chuck my kids on the iPad just to have a moment on the couch with a coffee, or a much needed debrief with a friend, but after extracting the devices off them, they walk around like spaced out zombies. Their behaviour turns all ratty too, so although it gives me a little rest, it’s a double-edged sword.

moLately when I have been wanting to hand the girls the ipad, I’ve done a little pivot and set up games for them instead. Old school style.

I’m a board game fanatic from way back. My dad used to challenge my brothers and I to a trivial pursuit game every week. My dad was always busy when we were kids so we treasured that time with him, plus being a winner would give you serious cred for a week.

My 7-year-old got given Cluedo Junior as a birthday present the other week and when we sat down to play it for the first time I was embarrassingly thrilled to be reunited with my old friends Miss Scarlett, Mrs Peacock, Colonel Mustard, Mr Green, and Professor Plum…except they were after a much more child-friendly piece of stolen cake instead of a murderer.


Watching them play, I realised they were learning different ways to problem solve without it feeling like a homework assignment. So I also invested in Monopoly Junior and Game of Life Junior too. All my faves in kid versions. Score!

It’s awesome watching my kids love the games I used to play, plus mother’s guilt alleviates while getting stuck into one of these games with them. Watching my four-year-old getting savvy with the property purchases playing Monopoly Junior brought a proud tear to my eye. She actually seriously beat me, which I tried not to be too competitive about. I’ll trump her next time.

cMy seven-year-old wants to be an adventurer and explorer like Dora when she grows up so watching her sheer excitement as she chooses her own adventure in Game of Life Junior is incredible.

The best thing about playing these games with my kids is we are having some down time and it’s super quality time as well. I hope my girls have awesome memories of this time like I do with my dad.