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You will NEVER look at a strawberry thick shake the same again

Monty by Monty
June 21st, 2017

In celebration of World Continence Week, I’m gonna get my mates together and commiserate the fact that star jumps and trampolines are a thing of our past.

For the last five years, every time I have sneezed I have had to bend over “just incase” and I feel super uncomfortable jumping on a tramp or doing any jumpy-like activities because I have had kids and they have broken my wee parts.

I mean we joke and laugh about pissing our pants, but for some of us it is bloody rough. It ain’t cute wetting your dacks post three years old.

When I was pregnant and after each baby, I did kegles like a demon. I still occasionally do them at stop lights or when I think of it. We should all be doing our pelvic floor exercises and never have I heard a better explanation of HOW to do them than when my 3PM Radio co-host Bec Judd shared this with me (and all our listeners).

thiBec’s ObGyn told her the best way to do your kegels is to think of a strawberry (or chocolate or vanilla if you desire) thick shake from Maccas. Those bad boys are bloody thick and take a lot of sucking right?

Then picture popping that straw up your vajay and then sucking the thick shake up your clacker. I bet you are doing it now? I am, nice visual for you while you read this. Me sucking up an invisible thick shake through my hoo haa.

I think this is a cracker tip because you can easily visualise it and the action is made easy with that vivid explanation.

So get sucking on that thick shake lady, make those pelvic floors nice and strong.