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The latest treatment you have to try

Monty by Monty
November 9th, 2017

For years and years I was a dirty flirt with skin care. I would dabble here and there with cleansers and moisturisers, but committing to a full blown routine overwhelmed me.

Then I hit my mid 30’s and didn’t that ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude bite me in my old wrinkled arse big time?

After whinging for months about the dark bags under my eyes and my skin glowing an odd shade of lifeless grey, I decided it was time to grow up and do something about it.

So, I bit the bullet and started getting Enzyme Treatments and WOW, that shit is top notch. I love Enzyme Therapy, I truly do, but I wanted more, more, more! I wanted all the face stuff all at once, so I have snuck a little Laser Genesis into the mix and it’s fair to say I have become one dewy, fresh faced smug mole.

Laser Genesis is a fancy advanced treatment that helps loads of skin conditions. In a nutshell this treatment makes your skin look fresh as!


Don’t be jealous I’m so hot.

Micro pulses of light are beamed onto your skin like Star Wars shit. It feels a bit warm but does not hurt at all. It can target things on your face like redness and brown spots and it improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To get the most out of Laser Genesis click this site to understand about the various treatments you have to take, you really need a series of four to six treatments to achieve a great outcome, then ongoing maintenance treatments less frequently to sustain the results is prob best.

I am three treatments in and noticing a difference in my skin already; NEVER before had anyone complimented me on my skin, now I’m batting off ooh’s and ahh’s and envious eyes on the daily.

I’m truly thrilled to report that my skin is now far less grey and the black bags under my eyes are now more of a little clutch than a big old heavy tote.

What skin treatment do to you love?

*If you are Melbourne based I highly recommend Hud Skin +Body

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