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The app that makes our lives as mums SO much easier

Brooke by Brooke
June 22nd, 2017
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This piece is sponsored by NSW Health Save the Date to Vaccinate but is entirely my own thoughts and opinions.

There’s a lot to remember as a parent of small people, like make sure you feed them, change their nappies or wipe their mini bums, read to them, take them for walks, try not to let them cry too long, pick them up from kinder, you know everything to do with keeping them alive, no biggie.

The long list of things you need to remember to do starts way before they are even born. As soon as I fell pregnant I had people asking me if I had put my baby-to-be down for childcare, and kinder waitlists. What?! I didn’t even know if I was having a boy or girl, let alone what kinder might suit them…one that’s more focused on arts and craft or that’s more sporty….’put them down for both then’ I was told and ‘do it todayyyy’.

There are so many things and important dates as parents we need to remember. It can get a little over whelming, above example case in point. Even though you don’t want to be the parent who forgets pj day at day care (me), life still goes on, but there are some other dates that we kinda don’t want to screw up. To take the stress out of it for you, I have done a little list of the important things we want to pop in our diary.

1.  Let’s start by addressing the childcare and Kinder dates. Depending on your area you may actually need to do this before they’ve even made their arrival into the world to ensure you get a spot. I did this when my little lady Edie was in my belly at around 5 months. And lucky I did – I didn’t get a call up until just before her first birthday when I was returning to work – phew!!

The same is to be said about kinders. Best advice is when you find out you’re growing a human, pop this on your to-do list and get to it. You will thank yourself later.

2. This is not something you want to forget but I know plenty of us sometimes do and as a result get them done a bit late. On-time vaccinations are the best way to protect our little ones from any serious diseases.


Lucky for us, the NSW Government have made it easy to remember. They have developed a Save the Date app to send you personalised reminders when shots are due. All you have to do is download it, pop in your details and you’ll never miss another appointment again.

And let’s not forget, by law, all parents/guardians of children attending childcare facilities need to provide proof of vaccination status too.

3. School term dates. When your kids are small, they have no idea when the school term ends and begins and the fact that they will usually finish early on the last day of term is pretty much irrelevant to them….but won’t be to you if you forget and get that

Also, if you’re a working parent you need to plan ahead for these dates so your five year-old isn’t home alone for two weeks. Thank god for school holiday programs.

4. Then there’s actual dates...not with your child but with your actual partner. Remember that person? You know, the one you used to hang out with before you had a baby? This is something that you won’t get a reminder for, but is just as important as the above dates. It’s pretty much the norm these days that my husband and I will start 489 conversations a day that we don’t get to finish. Hence, why this is needed, time to actually talk and reconnect with each other.

And while this may sound even cornier that date nights…I want to leave you with this. While you’re remembering everything for everyone else in the family, take some time out for YOU too. Block out time in your diary to do something for you every now and then.

* Us S+T gals use and love the Save the Date app to keep track of our little one’s immunisation schedule and to reminder us to immunise on time. For more information on it, head here.